We had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Sheehan, a local public adjuster. Learn more about how to protect your home and get covered in case of an accident. You can find Mike on Facebook or his website.


Public Adjuster Mike Sheehan CYAPlease tell us a little about yourself.  

I’ve always believed knowledge is power, and I’m a little bit of a technical nerd. My dad started me off holding the flashlight and through the years I developed a skill of watching, analyzing, and understanding. I went to college studying architecture, and financed my education working in construction, I couldn’t help but watching, analyzing, and understanding the way buildings come together. This passion followed me through my 17 years as a registered architect directing how buildings come together. I transitioned to public adjusting in 2012 and once again watching, analyzing, and understanding became some of my strongest assets in managing how property damage is assessed so my clients are properly compensated for damage repairs.


What advice do you have for homeowners who have recently experienced damage to their homes?

Hiring a professional claim consultant is the smartest investment you will make if you have property damage. On average, claims managed by The Claims Detectives pay out 455% higher. We know all the rules and we do all the negotiations with the insurance company.


Can you tell us what is most important to look for in an insurance policy? 

Every home and every policy holder has different needs. The most important thing is to have a professional claim consultant review your coverage to make sure all your bases are covered.


Is there a particular flooring material that homeowners turn to for durability? 

Extreme durability can be found. Every family has different needs and it’s important to work with a vendor who has a broad selection and can walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

What tips do you have for homeowners to protect their homes?

Keep your eyes open and look in places you don’t normally look. Looking up at ceilings, look in the room thats rarely used, look under your cabinets. This one activity will reveal things you’re not used to seeing. Know your options before you dig into your pocket and pay for repairs. Under most homeowners policies any sudden and accidental damage is a covered loss. It turns out that owning a home is a full-time job, all by itself. Having a resource, like me, who can recommend quality repairs services and let you know the best way to finance those repairs, can make that full-time job a whole lot easier.