upclose view of strand bamboo flooringBamboo has long been known as a top flooring choice for homeowners looking durable yet sustainable flooring. As a flooring material, bamboo performs similar to hardwoods and can work well in many areas of your Decatur home.

At Floor Coverings International Brookhaven, we strive to help home and business owners alike in the greater Brookhaven, Decatur, Embry Hills and surrounding areas find the perfect flooring for their needs. Today, our flooring team is here to talk shop about bamboo flooring and what you should know when deciding if it’s the right flooring choice for you.


Unlike hardwood flooring, which comes from trees, bamboo is a member of the grass family Poaceae that is found growing throughout the world. Thanks to its versatility, bamboo has been used for centuries as building materials, in textiles, and even in a variety of cuisines.

When it comes to floors, bamboo planks are available in both solid and strand woven formats. In solid bamboo, the bamboo is cut lengthwise and the resulting strips are glued together to form a uniform surface that highlights the material’s unique character. Strand woven bamboo, on the other hand, consists of layers of bamboo fibers that are interwoven with layers of adhesive, producing a highly durable surface. Both designs can be refinished over the years, which removes surface scratches and dents and helps extend the life of your floors.


Compared to trees, which can take anywhere from twenty to over one hundred years to fully mature, the bamboo is ready for harvest every 3 to 5 years. The harvesting process doesn’t require the removal of the plant’s root system, which allows for rapid regrowth and harvesting, making bamboo one of the most sustainable flooring materials available.

Bamboo also tends to offer more water resistance than traditional hardwoods thanks to its highly dense construction. Strand woven bamboo is also an excellent choice for the busier areas of your home thanks to its tough surface. For extra durability, bamboo flooring is even available in an engineered format that performs similarly to engineered hardwood.


Bamboo is a naturally light-colored material with long, fine grain structure. Given bamboo’s boom in popularity, more and more manufacturers are creating bamboo flooring in a variety of designs. This includes a wide spectrum of stain colors, as well as your choice of finishes similar to those used on hardwoods. Bamboo flooring is even available in a hand-scraped finish for that rustic, timeworn look we know and love.

modern living room with bamboo flooring

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