Your Embry Hills home deserves only the best flooring. That’s why Floor Coverings International Brookhaven is here to help you decide on the perfect type of carpet for your home. Come learn more about frieze carpet and what this amazing flooring can do for you!

Frieze Carpet in Embry Hills Floor Coverings International Brookhaven

What is Frieze Carpet?

Frieze carpet, often confused with shag, is a type of carpet whose fibers are long and twisted. These fibers are so twisted that they curl back on themselves and become splayed out over the carpet backing. This effect differs from many other types of carpet where the fibers instead stand straight up. While similar in look and style to shag, frieze tends to be a lighter-looking carpet, as it is comprised of skinnier, shorter fibers.

Where To Use Frieze Carpet

Due to the length of the fibers in frieze carpet, this material is great for rooms that see a lot of foot-traffic. Because the fibers lay on their sides, frieze carpet will not reveal impressions left behind by feet, vacuum lines, or furniture legs.

Frieze carpet is also great for larger rooms or areas where the sizable dimensions of the space would require multiple pieces of carpet. The resulting seam lines, which can disrupt the aesthetic of the room, are concealed by frieze carpet’s many folded-over fibers.

This type of flooring also tends to be soft and cozy, making it perfect for bedrooms and family rooms. If you like to have company over, your family room will benefit from a flooring that is both comfortable and resistant to indentations created by footprints.

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