In a carpet market that is largely dominated by synthetic materials, wool carpet is a natural alternative that is gaining popularity among homeowners in the greater Brookhaven area. At Floor Coverings International Brookhaven, we appreciate wool carpeting for its durability and warmth, and we think it’s a carpet option you should know about.

Wool carpet fibers Brookhaven


Of the natural fibers available to homeowners, wool ranks highly in durability. The fiber’s natural properties combined with the construction of the carpet make it a long lasting. As such, wool carpeting is a great material for areas in your home that see higher amounts of traffic, such as stairs and hallways. Wool is also a great material for area rugs and doormats, allowing you to use it in areas where you don’t want wall-to-wall carpets.


Wool is also an eco-friendly flooring option, which is an added bonus for environmentally conscientious homeowners. The rate at which sheep grow wool after shearing makes wool production a highly sustainable practice. Once installed as a carpet, wool’s natural insulating properties will keep your home warm in the cooler months and help reduce energy costs.

wool carpet Brookhaven


Overall, wool maintenance is relatively simple and requires regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris. Wool carpet’s dense construction helps prevent particles from accumulating deep in the carpet, which adds to its durability. Although regular maintenance is relatively stress-free, be aware that not all professional cleaners know how to properly treat wool carpeting. If you want your wool shampooed or steamed, make sure the company you hire has experience working with wool.


  • Of the different varieties of both natural and synthetic materials, wool is one of the more expensive options and might not be the most cost-effective for projects on a limited budget. 
  • Its ability to absorb moisture might not be suitable for homes with high levels of humidity.
  • Wool carpet requires special attention when it comes to professional cleaning, and not all professional cleaners have experience working with wool.

When you are ready to start your next carpet flooring project, call Floor Coverings International Brookhaven to schedule your free, in-home design consultation. We have a great selection of natural and synthetic carpets available that might be the perfect option for your home!

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