Birch hardwood flooring in Brookhaven kitchenAt Floor Coverings International Brookhaven, we provide the greater Brookhaven, Decatur, Embry Hills, and surrounding areas with a great selection of quality hardwood flooring you’ll be sure to love. That includes birch hardwood flooring, a beautiful and durable hardwood that’s local to our state of Georgia. Read on as our experts share more about birch flooring and where you can use it in your Brookhaven-area home.

A Brief History

Several varieties of birch grow throughout the world, including parts of Northern Europe and Asia. Domestically, birch is commonly found growing in the northeastern states and down along the Appalachians into northern Georgia. It has been used throughout the centuries to build canoes, paper, furniture, and even speaker cabinets. Its abundance in New England made it a popular choice for flooring during colonial times and it continues to be used in homes throughout the country today.


As a flooring material, homeowners have the choice between yellow and sweet birch. Both varieties have a long, straight wood grain but differ in their color and hardness. Yellow birch is lighter, ranging from light reddish browns to almost white in color, whereas sweet birch is is commonly darker brown with red highlights that are more pronounced. The Janka rating for yellow birch is 1260, with sweet birch being the harder variety at 1470, coming in around the same hardness as some varieties of oak flooring.


Both species hold up well as a flooring material and can withstand high-traffic areas such as hallways and entryways. Birch is naturally more resistant to water, making it more suitable for kitchens than other varieties. Overall, both varieties can be installed anywhere you’d typically have hardwood floors, and the variety you choose ultimately comes down to design. Yellow birch is a great material for homeowners who want a bright, minimalist design. Sweet birch, on the other hand, will give your design a warm, classic hardwood look.


As with any hardwoods, maintenance is relatively simple and your floors will last decades with proper care. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will help prevent dirt and debris from scratching your floors finish. Make sure to clean up any spills quickly and avoid prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Lastly, avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners that might cause unnecessary wear to your floors.

Learn More

To learn more about birch other great hardwood flooring solutions, contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Brookhaven. We provide our customers with a great selection of flooring materials, expert advice, and professional installation to help take the stress out of the flooring process. Call us today to start your next flooring project!

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