White oak in modern Brookhaven home entryway

Natural hardwood is one of the most popular flooring choices among homeowners in the greater Brookhaven area. Hardwood offers strength, beauty, and durability that are almost unparalleled by other flooring materials, and installing hardwood flooring can even increase the value of your home. Once you decide that hardwood is right for you, with all the options available, deciding on the right wood species can be a tough task. Luckily, our experts at Floor Coverings International Brookhaven are here to help! Read on as we share all you need to know about white oak flooring.

White oak up close with view of wood grain

Color and Grain

One of the things we love about white oak hardwood is the neutral design it adds to a room. Compared to red oak, whose dramatic, swirling grain creates a classic wood look, white oak will add a touch of modernity to your home. White oak comes in a range of hues, its naturally light color ranges from pale whites to darker tans and light browns. Its grain structure is very tight and even that creates smooth, straight lines along the planks.

White oak takes stains and a variety of finishes exceedingly well, so you can achieve a wide range of designs in your home. For a minimalist feel, consider a light stain with a matte finish. If you have white walls in your room, this design will enhance the feeling of natural light, often making your room feel larger and brighter. If high contrast is more your aesthetic, consider a dark gray or walnut-colored stain to elevate your design.


Of the most common hardwoods available as flooring, oak rates highly for its hardness. With a Janka hardness ranking of 1360, white oak even outranks red oak (1280), making it an even more durable flooring option for your home. This makes it a great candidate for areas that see higher traffic, such as entryways, hallways, and kitchens.

Compared to other solid hardwood planks, white oak does not expand and contract as much in more humid environments. While this doesn’t mean you should install it in your basement or bathroom (for that, consider engineered hardwood), this does mean white oak is a great material for our local climate in the greater Brookhaven, GA area.

Your Local Hardwood Experts

When you are ready to have new hardwood flooring installed in your home, give Floor Coverings International Brookhaven a call to schedule your free design consultation. We have a great selection of white oak and other natural hardwood flooring options to choose from. We proudly serve the greater Brookhaven, Decatur, Embry Hills, and surrounding areas!

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